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Work for Yourself? If you want to start your own business, the library has many resources
that you can use to help you plan and launch your start-up.

Find books from the library about working for yourself.


Find local companies that provide similar services or products; includes company profiles and histories, news about different industries, information about brands, and magazine articles about businesses.

Find articles from consumer publications, industry journals, and other publications with information about the kind of business you want to start.

PROMT helps to find out about companies, products, technologies, and markets. Includes information from trade journals, newsletters, newspapers, press releases, market research, and investment reports.

Business and residential listings for more than 12 million US, 1.3 million Canadian companies and 10 million Canadian residences. You can use this resource to find contact information and research factors that can affect the potential for your business to be successful.


The NECWC is a nonprofit association organized to provide economic development leadership and programs to sustain and enhance the economic vitality of Whatcom County.

SCORE counselors can help with advice on financing and business plans, including helping you decide if your business will make enough money to work. Counseling is free, and low-cost workshops are offered through Whatcom Community College.


The SBDC is a service of Washington State and can help with business plan reviews, advice on human resources, loan proposal development, and marketing. Most services are free.

The State of Washington offers step by step guides on where to turn to, how to plan your business, and how to estimate costs. Find out what you need to know and do before you start.