Whatcom READS! Followup Title Print

If this year's Whatcom READS! title, Snow Falling on Cedars, and related programs around the county sparked your interest in the experiences of Japanese-Americans during World War II, you might want to get on the list for this just-published title. Author Jan Morrill based The Red Kimono on the experience of her mother, a Buddhist Japanese-American who was an internee during the war. Morrill tells the story from the point-of-view of three teenage protagonists: nine-year old Sachiko and her 17-year old brother, Nobu, who struggle to understand why their community has turned against them, and Terrence, an African-American teenager who has just learned that his father was killed at Pearl Harbor.  All three respond to these forces outside their control in different ways; one learns acceptance, one is imprisoned by resentment, and one will seek a path to forgiveness.