Unique Touches Print

OwlsIf you’ve taken the time to visit a number of our libraries throughout Whatcom County (and I highly recommend this, particularly on a sunny afternoon) you know that each building has its own unique character and little touches that make it special.  

Take for example, the cedar shingles above the front door of the Island Library, with a pattern of a sun’s rays over mountains and water.  There’s the funky booth in the teen area in Blaine, and the ceramic “bookshelf” at the North Fork Community Library Draven Owenacknowledging donors to its capital campaign.  Our newest library, South Whatcom, is no exception.  There’s a colorful tree in the children’s area (still in progress) which comes with a family of owls peeking out of a hollow and a table made of a milled wooden slab and artistic metal legs.  And, in the entryway, there are several metalwork pieces that are both decorative and functional.

Designed and crafted by Draven Owen, the metalwork provides a contemporary, artistic backdrop to a list of major donors and to a listing of all of the contributors and volunteers who worked on the project.  Draven is a student at Mt. Baker High School and is related to Bev Crouter, an active Friend of the Library.  The mountain scene is particularly eye-catching and will greet visitors to the library meeting room for years to come.  We are so grateful to Draven for sharing his talents with the library!  Please stop by some time and take a look.

Christine Perkins
Executive Director