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Thank you Rick Riordin for creating heroes that are funny, and really struggle with school and home life.  It felt like you wrote The Lost Hero of Olympus just for the teens at the Juvenile Detention Center.

It’s a long book to tackle in one week, but the teens responded with enthusiasm and almost all of them finished it.

Favorite comments from the teens this month:

“Book club got me more into books”

“Book club helped me get over my fear of reading out loud”

“I give this book 10 out of 4 stars”

One of them requested more read aloud time.

Karin had some great discussion prompts this week:

*If you could have any super power what would it be and how would you use it? Pull from Greek mythology, comic books, super heroes. etc.

*Which Greek God would you want for a parent and why?

*The characters are being challenged by going on this quest and with these new experiences. Describe a time when you were challenged and what you use for inspiration.

If you are celebrating this books with teens our suggested food pairing is

Leo’s Tacos or Leo's Tofu Burgers.

Next month: we had a request for non-fiction, so Tamar is bringing in Into the Wild.  Her Alaskan wilderness experience should make this book come alive in a whole new way.