New Sliding Doors for Lynden Library Print

Installation of new doors at Lynden LibraryWhen you walk up to the front doors of the Lynden Public Library, don’t be startled when they open automatically.  New sliding doors were installed Wednesday and are working beautifully!

New Lynden doors make it easy to come and go!The project to install automatic doors, funded by the City of Lynden which owns the facility, solves several long-standing issues.  “The main problem was the wind,” said Lynden assistant manager Karl Thompson.  “The doors were very heavy and the wind would catch them and keep them open, damaging the hinges, which had already been replaced once.  We had to lock one side to keep the door closed - generally disabling the handicapped door.”

New Doors for Lynden LibraryInstallation was quick, starting at 7 a.m. and finishing by mid-afternoon.  Patrons have been very pleased with the new doors, commenting on how much easier it is to get into the library when their arms are full of books.

WCLS thanks the City of Lynden for being a good landlord in maintaining the 8 year old building.