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Each year, Whatcom WRITES! holds a writing contest in conjunction with Whatcom READS! and publishes an anthology of the winning stories and poems. This year, the theme, based on the 2013 selected title Snow Falling on Cedars, was “Loyalties.” 

LoyaltiesThe committee asked writers: “Has someone been there for you when you most needed a loyal friend? Has your loyalty ever been tested? How does it feel to stand up for someone -- or something -- you believe in?”

Writers answered by exploring loyalties within families and between friends using poetry, fiction and essays limited to 800 words or less. And the writing just keeps getting better! Loyalties is now published and available for check out. Find it  at all the public and academic libraries in Whatcom County, which is the partnership that includes Village Books and brings you Whatcom READS! and Whatcom WRITES! each year.