Life Stages - Marriage Print

Jacket cover from The Paris Wife, showing part of a woman sitting at an outdoor cafe table (head is cropped off, legs crossed casually, arm resting on table next to a teacup)Jacket cover from The Story of a Marriage, showing a rocky shoreline looking across towards what appears to be the Golden Gate BridgeReading allows us to have experiences in our imagination that we may not ever be able to have in real life.  It can also provide illumination and insight to our shared experiences.  In upcoming Book Buzz posts, I'll be featuring booklists that focus on different stages of life - some we may have experienced, some yet to come.  The stories in this Marriage booklist are set over the timespan of a century, so represent how the institution has changed, as well as the fact that some things remain happily (or not so) the same.  The Paris Wife is immensely popular right now and I loved The Story of a Marriage for its beautiful language and the way it made me feel that I'd lived through the time and place (San Francisco 1950s) in which the book was set.  Happy Reading!