Keep Teens Reading Print

Teen librarians have the most exciting job: to keep teens reading.   We can’t do it through assignments.  We can’t force them to open that book.  The print has to become irresistible.  

Having the right book at the right time for the right person is a start. In a world of distraction we have to consider what will make a story blaze.  Maybe it’s a piñata, gummy sharks or hearing the story read out loud.  It could be a videogame tie- in, owning a copy of the book, meeting the author, or a midnight release party. We've tried these tactics, and we are ready to try more.

What's the point? We could give you stats to tell you why it matters so much that teens read for pleasure.  Instead  we’ll tell you a story.  A young man in college approached me and said how important he thought reading for pleasure was for teens.  He had never read for pleasure, and now found all the reading required by classes extremely difficult.  He wished someone had been there when he was  12 to  find him a title that would help him love to read.  

Notice to all teens: we are here to make reading fun and not arduous.  Learning to love reading now, having that feeling that you are a “reader” pays off later in so many different ways.   This blog is for all of you that love teens, teach them, and parent them.  Tamar Clarke and I will use this space to document  what the  WCLS team are doing to make print irresistible.  Share your ideas with us and become part of that team.

-Aubri Keleman 

Kindle Fire winnerA teen wins a Kindle at Ferndale Library as part of Teen Summer Reading.

Books are available to teens faster and easier than ever, even for teens that live far from libraries if we can help get the technology into their hands.