Jim Lynch in Ferndale on Thursday! Print

Jacket cover of Jim Lynch's Don't miss hearing Jim Lynch speak about his newest book, Truth Like the Sun, at the Chuckanut Radio Hour in Ferndale on Thursday, April 19th.  As a bonus, ticket sales will benefit the new Ferndale Library Project!  The central character in Truth Like the Sun is Roger Morgan, (fictional) mastermind of the 1962 World's Fair, who is running for mayor in the 2001 post-Microsoft gold rush era in hopes of returning Seattle to its former glory.  Here are some of the things I've really enjoyed about the book (just one chapter to go!):

  • Often, when novels take place in different time periods, the characters in each time setting are different, but Lynch keeps his focus on Roger Morgan in chapters that alternate between 1962 and 2001, helping me to feel that I know this character very well over time.
  • His secondary character, investigative reporter Helen Gulanos, is new to Seattle, and provides a nice contrast between long-time resident perspectives and the way Seattle is experienced by a newcomer.
  • As someone who was not here in 1962, I'm learning lots of interesting facts about the World's Fair! If you were there, this would make a fun trip down memory lane!

Hope to see you at Ferndale High School on Thursday evening for the Chuckanut Radio Hour and Jim Lynch!  More ticket, time and location information can be found HERE.