Historical Fiction - A Winning List Print

Jacket covers from five books on this list

Library Journal's editors have pegged some uncontestable winners in this best of 2013 historical fiction list.  The Good Lord Bird by James McBride won the National Book Award for fiction this year, and Life after Life was also picked as a best book of the year by Amazon, Publishers Weekly and Bookmarks magazine.  If you recall, Thomas Keneally is the author of Schindler's List; his novel Daughters of Mars travels back to WWI and two Australian sisters who volunteer as nurses.  If you are a Jane Austen or Downton Abbey fan, don't miss Jo Baker's retelling of Pride and Prejudice (where Elizabeth and Darcy take a backseat).  Turn-of-the-century East Texas is the setting for Joe R. Lansdale's The Thicket, a coming-of-age story laced with grave diggers, bank robbing bandits, and even a bounty-hunting dwarf named Shorty!