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Note: This FAQ is for the Low-Images Catalog.  For more functionality, please visit our regular catalog at http:\\catalog.wcls.org

How Do I Search the Catalog?

You are always welcome to Ask A Librarian, we are here to help.

  • Go to the Library Catalog.
  • If you know the exact title of an item you want, enter it in the title box of the Begins With tab. (Only fill in one box per search.)
  • If you're not sure of the title, try a Title Keyword: search on the Keyword(s) tab.
  • If you're not sure of the author, use the Author Keyword: search. Type the parts of the name you know. This search is especially useful when the author is a company or government agency, for example, SOCIAL HEALTH will locate materials by Washington State. Department of Social and Health Services. If you remember only an unusual first name, try that; URI will find Uri Geller and Uri Shulevitz, among others.
  • If you want a wide range of materials try a Subject Keyword search.
  • If a Subject Keyword search does not bring the results you are interested in, try a Title Keyword search. If this result shows an item that fits your interest, find a subject on the left side of the screen and double click on it to switch to searching that subject. In a keyword search, typing a * at the end of a word ( example: whal* for whale, whales, whaling ) will bring all the titles or subjects that begin with those letters up on the screen.

How do I problem solve issues with the Catalog?

If you are not able to log into "my account" or to place a hold from home, consider the following:

  • Are you typing in your entire barcode? You must type in your entire barcode number (all 14 numbers with no spaces).
  • Does the library have your correct telephone number? The last four digits you type in must match what is in your library patron record.
  • Has your library card expired? If you haven't used your library card in three years or more, you may have been purged from the system. Call or visit your local library to find out if your card has expired.
  • What web browser are you using? Opera browser sometimes does not work. Try using a different browser when accessing the library catalog, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Clear your history and delete your cookies and temporary internet files.
  • Is your security set too high? Try lowering the security setting on your browser.
  • If none of the above solutions work, please contact your Internet Service Provider. They may be running a firewall that blocks our web site.


It is always a good idea to clear your history and delete your cookies and temporary internet files if you are having problems connecting to a website. You should clear your history and delete your cookies and temporary internet files on a regular basis. If you are having problems with accessing any Whatcom County Library web site (i.e. nothing is loading), please be patient. We will be working to remedy the problem. Maintenance of the library catalog takes place before library hours. If you experience problems with the catalog between 7am and 10am, please try again later.

Want more information on a subject, rather than a specific title?

Call your local library, or the Reference Center