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Does the Whatcom County Library System offer test or exam proctoring?

Yes, this service is available at select locations within the library system during each library’s normal operating hours. WCLS does not charge a fee for the service but any costs associated such as printing, postage, and faxing are the responsibility of the student.

How do I make arrangements?

  • In advance, contact the staff of the library location you prefer and request a test proctor. If that location does not offer proctoring due to space or staff constraints, they may refer you to another location.
  • Provide the library staff member with your full name and contact information, plus the name of the school or institution which will be sending the exam. If your institution requires a signed proctor's statement before the exam will be sent, please present that in person at the library when making initial arrangements.
  • Provide your school or institution with the proctor's contact information so that the exam may be sent.

What if it is an online test?

Please tell the library staff when you first begin making arrangements. The computer used for testing must be reserved in advance and the procedure for doing this varies by location. We are unable to download software or applications so please confirm what is required prior to the test. Please also note that online exams are administered in a public area where there is some ambient noise.

What if it is a paper exam?

Your institution will send us the examination and related paperwork. Please contact the library once the test has been received to determine a mutually agreeable testing date and time.

What should I bring with me when I take my test?

We will follow the testing requirements of your institution. Students have the responsibility of providing their own materials (such as #2 pencils, pens, scratch paper, calculators or textbooks if allowed, etc.)

What happens after I take my exam?

Once the exam is completed we will return it with any required paperwork, as instructed by the school or agency. If there are postage, faxing or delivery fees, they are the responsibility of the student and must be prepaid.