Ereaders+Teens+Summer=Something Wonderful? Print Email

During our school visits at Meridian Middle School students would often say that they wanted to check out titles but couldn’t get to the library over the summer.  It’s understandable-the Meridian /Laurel community does not have a library at its center.

To help some of these students have access to more books over the summer-and to learn more about teens and ereading we’ve loaned 10 ereaders out to Meridian Middle School students for the whole summer.   Each ereader came preloaded with books that the students helped pick.  This fall we will be interviewing the teens to find what it was like having an ereader-and if it changed their perspective on reading at all.  

We want to compare this ereading experience with print reading for these teens, so we sent everyone with a print title that they have on their ereaders as will be really intersting to find out which format kept teens reading.

Special thanks to Whatcom County Library Foundation for the Airoldi Innovation Grant that allows us to ask big wonderful questions about books and teens.