Donate Materials Print

Just finished that new bestseller? Consider donating it to your library!

Whatcom County Library System and Friends of the Library groups can accept books, magazines and audio/visual media donations at any branch library during library open hours. Below are general guidelines for what is accepted. For more specific information, or if you have more than a few items, please call the library at (360) 305-3600 and ask to speak with local library staff before you deliver the materials.

Guidelines for Acceptance:

All materials should be in good condition with no torn covers, broken spines, missing pages, dirt, mold or moldy smell.

  • All fiction and nonfiction less than 15 years old, for any age group
  • Magazines 1-2 years old or less
  • VHS, DVDs, and music CDs in good condition
  • Complete audiobooks on tape or disc
  • No “activity” books like crosswords unless new and unmarked
  • No Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • No encyclopedias or textbooks without prior approval


The library cannot assign a dollar value to gift materials for tax purposes. Library staff can provide a receipt for the number of items donated, or the number of boxes or bags of items. If a donor provides a specific list of items, the library will sign a statement acknowledging receipt.