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A young gentleman named Theo Stafford wrote an article as a homeschool assignment to submit to a local paper all about his love of libraries. We think Theo has a future in writing and libraries! What do you think?

Do You Like Books?
By Theo Stafford

The library is the coolest place on earth. I go to the library about once a week. I usually take out 20 books at a time. I also take out magazines, and sometimes videos. I read about 100 books a month! If you heard how many books I take out, my Mom takes out at least 100 more than I do! We go to the Fort Langley library, Vancouver libraries (Kitsilano, Firehall, and downtown), and Lynden, Bellingham, Sumas.

Theo and his booksI special order lots of books. Special ordering books is about making sure that you find the right book. You can type in the key word but I usually type in the author. And then there’s the topics. But I think you get the point. I was so surprised when I first special ordered books at the Lynden library that they had a folder just for me! My folder was sitting on a shelf right by everybody else’s special orders. It was so cool to see so many different books from different libraries.

Librarians are very nice because they always help you find a book that you’re looking for. I tell the librarian that a need a book and she shows me where it is. I chat with the librarian how their day was.

When you walk in to the doors of the library, everything is different from outside. You have to be really quiet, nobody looks at you or talks to you, and you’re just there reading or looking at books. Or if the library computers are free, sometimes you just want to sit down and have some action while you’re sitting in this quiet place. The computers have action games. Just type in stuff like “Action games” or “Adventure games” into google and they pop up right in front of you.

When I see a book that I really wanted for a long time, I get really excited and I really want to get it. When I get home with my books, I think “No! I’m never going to read them in time!” But I do read most of them; or as I like to say, almost all of them.

There’s two different kinds of books; if you can’t read so well, picture books are better for you. But if you’re dying to read more, I would recommend chapter books. I like chapter books because you get way more fun out of them. When I read non-fiction I kind of get bored, but it kind of seems fun, too. There’s some really cool stuff in them. I like “100 Inventions.” I learn so much about inventions through the ages. I like the machine gun that looks like a cannon. Whenever I look at this book, I always think to myself “I want to try to make an invention!”

Theo StaffordI like chapter books, silly story books, and comic story books. Whenever me and my Mom read a Max Lucado book, my Mom cries way too hard to even read it to me – and I’m laughing too hard to even listen! I love The Wizard of Oz series. I’ve read Tic Toc of Oz, The Emerald City of Oz, and The Magic of Oz. In these stories there’s a little hen that has so many kids that you could never count them and she named them all Dorothy! Cap’n Bill, which is another character, he’s got a ‘meat leg’! Which is, of course, skin. Me and my Mom always laugh so hard over these books and I hope to read them all.

When I just heard my first book, I was only 3 months old. My Mom made me a little quilt-bed that I lay on while she read to me. When I first started reading by myself, I was reading one of my favourite kinds of chapter books. I got tired of reading one chapter a night – I wanted to hear more! So I walked up the stairs of our house and I sat at the top of the stairs and I read 5 chapters to myself in one sitting! Then I thought to myself “This is so cool!” and I finished that book and I started on the next. I don’t know how many chapters I read that day, but all I know is that I’ve been reading non-stop ever since.


Note from Library Staff: Theo’s mom, Amie Stafford, says that, “Every word was Theo’s. I simply typed it as he dictated to me.” This is Theo’s third story. Started as a homeschool project, the first story was about 20 care boxes he put together and sent to children in Africa. Next, he wrote about an owl he and his mother saw one day. Since he really likes libraries, Theo decided to write about them, and this story is the result. Thank you for the compliments, Theo. We couldn’t ask for a better advocate for libraries!

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