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County Library Tours Promote Lifetime Independent Learning 

  • Very young students are welcomed with a story, a quick tour, and, if you wish, time to check out books.
  • Middle and upper grade students get more in-depth tours, emphasizing effective library use. A presentation showing how to use the catalog is available on request.

How to Book a Tour?

Library Cards for Check-Out

For a Successful Visit

  • Please make sure students clearly understand the goals of the visit and what they are expected to do.
  • Primary or young elementary age group? Please bring parent volunteers to help.
  • Please have students ready to check out books 15 minutes before they must leave.

For Research Success

  • Tour Early: Research-oriented visits should be scheduled when the assignment begins. Otherwise, the quicker students already may have checked out all available materials
  • Alert the Library: Please give us your research topics at least two weeks before the tour so that extra materials can be gathered.
  • Broad Topics=More Materials Available: The broader and more flexible the assignment, the more likely that all students will find material.

Send any comments or questions to Catherine Sarette.