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Images of Dr. Robert Keller, WWU Professor Emeritus, and the jacket covers from the two books mentioned in this articleIf the 2013 Whatcom READS! selection Snow Falling on Cedars has piqued your curiosity about Japanese internment camps during WWII, there are plenty of programs planned to help you learn more about this event in our history. Dr. Robert Keller, WWU Professor Emeritus, presents "Reconciling the Past: The History, Literature and Ethics of Japanese Removal," asking the question: How do we come to terms with dark parts of our history? on Tuesday, January 22nd at Fairhaven Library and Saturday, February 9th at Blaine Library.

Enhance your reading of Snow Falling on Cedars with these new nonfiction titles about Japanese internment camps: In Colors of Confinement, Bill Manbo tells how he photo documented his family’s internment using Kodachrome film, at the time a new technology, in stunning images of daily life at the Heart Mountain camp in Wyoming. Linda Tamura's Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence: coming home to Hood River tells of Japanese-American soldiers from families of landowners and fruit growers who served on front lines and as linguists, cooks and medics – only to find that their hometown attempted to block their return after the war.