Book Lust Rediscoveries Print

Jacket cover of After Life by Rhian Ellis, showing a grayscale photo of a foggy forest with a young woman walking into the mist, her back to the cameraPromo photo of Nancy Pearl, librarian and author of the Book Lust series, wire frame glasses and very short cropped salt-and-pepper hairBetween now and the end of the year, Nancy Pearl and will be reprinting six of Nancy's favorite reads in what they are calling the Book Lust Rediscoveries series.  They intend to republish six titles each year that are mentioned by Nancy in her Book Lust recommendation series, titles originally published between 1960-2000 that have since fallen out-of-print.  Coming this spring are reprints of After Life by Rhian Ellis and A Gay And Melancholy Sound by Merle Miller, each with an introduction by Nancy and suggested questions for discussion.  (These ought to be good books for book groups!)  I'm reading After Life right now and was gripped from the very first line: "First, I had to get his body into the boat."  Set in upstate New York in a wonderfully eccentric community of mystics and spirtitualists (based on the real community of Lily Dale, NY), the narrator, medium Naomi Ash, certainly has a compelling personality but I'm still not sure that I totally trust her account of things!