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Our Mission:

Connecting information, ideas, and community.

Our Vision:

An engaged community where curiosity is cultivated,
literacy flourishes and democratic ideals thrive.

Where is the Whatcom County Library System located?

Administration and Processing - 5205 Northwest Drive, Bellingham, Washington 98226
Phone: 360-305-3600

What is the Whatcom County Library System?

Potential for Annexation Study

In 2009, a study committee comprised of representatives from Whatcom County Library System and Bellingham Public Library released a Report Regarding the Potential for Annexation.  They concluded that "current financial data shows that combining the two library systems would not result in achieving 'equal or better library service for less money if joined together as allowed by law.'"  While the committee recommended continued, proactive exploration of ways for the two library systems to work together, they did not recommend any further study of annexation at this time.  This recommendation was upheld by both libraries' Boards of Trustees.

Report Regarding the Potential for Annexation

  • Attachment A: RCW 27.12.360 - RCW 27.12.395
  • Attachment B: Interlocal Agreement with Whatcom County Rural Library District
  • Attachment C: Washington Libraries that have joined library systems since 1995
  • Attachment D: Taxing District Levy Calculation