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Lisa Lutz in Shelf Awareness Print Email

Promo photo of author Lisa Lutz, straight dark hair, wearing what appears to be a dark business suit coatShelf Awareness for Readers is a newsletter that will give you leads on new, exciting titles as well as really interesting tidbits of news from the book publishing world.  It is issued on Tuesday and Friday and I promise that skimming through it will introduce you to enough compelling titles to made you want to start reading full-time.  Authors are often interviewed and the style is so conversational that it feels like it is just the two of you talking ... this short piece by Lisa Lutz, author of the Spellman series, is a good example. 

"I work from home. My commute is five feet down a hallway from my bedroom to my office. I wear pajamas until I'm required to leave the house or bathe. I brush my teeth, but not my hair. Who do I need to impress, the UPS guy? (In fact, I do worry about what he thinks of me.) My point is, unlike people who work among other humans, I don't particularly need to be presentable. I also don't need to be organized, prompt, poised or sociable. All I have to do is sit behind a desk and write a book. Until the book comes out, that is. Then every habit I've hammered into my psyche over the last year has to be undented when I embark on a book tour."  (Click here to read the rest!)

Books for a Better Life Print Email

Jacket covers from three of the titles that are on the 2011 Books for a Better Life award listBooks for a Better Life is an award presented by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society recognizing self-improvement books in ten categories.  All proceeds from the annual awards ceremony where winners are announced go to support multiple sclerosis research and programs and services to help people who are living with MS.  Since 1996, the award program has recognized 500 authors and raised $1.8 million!  Hall of Fame members include Jane Brody, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Suzanne Somers, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr. Oz.  Here are the lists of the recently announced 2011 winners as well as last year's 2010 winners.  Healthy reading!

Life Stages - First Love Print Email

Three jacket covers from the first love booklist featured in this articleThe romance of first love - who doesn't remember their first kiss, or the heartbreak of rejection and loss?  This new First Love booklist features fiction by contemporary writers whose stories tell of the joy, pain and disappointment of first love.  Divided by decade or era, the stories in each are influenced and shaped by the events of the time.  Many of the stories focus on the challenges of romance across the lines of culture or class.  Of first love, Daphne du Maurier writes in Rebecca, “I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say.” 

Life Stages - Careers Print Email

jacket covers from the of the titles on this careers booklistOur chosen career - such an integral part of our path through life.  If fortunate, we get to feel the rush of excitement that comes with finding our life's passion in work, followed by growth and discovery - and sometimes, disappointment.  The titles in this Careers booklist are not memoirs or books about business, but fiction about people pursuing their life passions in work - artists and out-of-the-ordinary professions are most often represented - and covering decades during the last century.  Whatever their work, these characters communicate a vibrancy and focus that is palpable and inspiring.

Life Stages - Coming of Age Print Email

Four jacket covers from the coming of age booklistComing of Age - that exhilarating and bittersweet time that we all pass through on the way to adulthood.  Full of challenges, joy and pain, the transition is from relative naïveté to (hopefully) maturity and understanding.  This Life Stages - Coming of Age booklist highlights a few of the many titles written on this theme, spanning most of the century.  Different eras provide different challenges - the poverty of the Depression era, heartbreak of WWII, and civil unrest of the 60s as examples.  Here's a little "did you know?" - to see more titles like this, try a subject search for bildungsromans, a word of German origin meaning "a novel about the moral and psychological growth of the main character."  A little-known word brought to you by the Library of Congress subject headings!

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