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I’m Mary K.–librarian, mom, blogger, reader. I believe there’s no such thing as too many books–if you do, too, you’re in the right place! Browse this page for great finds from across our collection. What will you read next?

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A Year of Staff Picks - Sumas Library Print Email

In 2015, we are featuring staff picks from a different branch library each month. It's October and our treat this month is a trip to Sumas Library!

Image of Sumas Library, including building outside, staff members, and teen area

The staff at Sumas Library wear many hats, and you may have seen them in other WCLS Libraries, including manager Eileen Shaw whose second home is the Everson Library. It's all part of the fun at this lively library, which is a gathering place for patrons of all ages. An energetic book club, popular storytimes  and participation in local history events are just some of the happenings that make Sumas Library the place to go for residents of this border community. Recently, library patrons put their mark on the shelves by painting colorful custom bookends to be used throughout the collection. It's just one more way that Sumas residents show they love their library! Check out what library staff are reading for a virtual browse through the Sumas Library shelves.

Love of the Game Print Email

Cover image for The Last Season by Stuart Stevens

Football ushers in the fall for millions of American fans. Here in the Northwest, Seahawks fever runs high but college football is just as much a part of the weekend ritual for many households. Writer Stuart Stevens examines the role of college ball in his own life in the new book The Last Season: A Father, a Son and a Lifetime of College Football. On the eve of his sixtieth birthday, Stevens realized that he was missing the connection he and his father used to have. His solution? Return home to Mississippi to refresh his relationship with his dad by attending a season of Ole Miss football games. Shifting between past and present, Stevens shares what he learned from his dad then and how those values carried forward into his own life and relationships. Fan or not, you'll enjoy exploring the world of football with The Last Season and other picks from our curated list examining the love of this very American game.

History Brought to Life Print Email

Cover image for The Gilded Hour by Sara Donati

Historical fiction readers will be excited to hear that local author Sara Donati's new book, The Gilded Hour, has just been released. Donati, the pen name for former academic and professor Rosina Lippi, is the author of the highly regarded Wilderness series, which opens with Into the Wilderness. These books, set in the early 1800s, blend adventure, romance, intrigue and epic storytelling, all poised against the backdrop of the New York wilderness and other far-flung locales. The Gilded Hour launches a new series for Donati. This novel follows the same families introduced in the Wilderness series but jumps forward - the Civil War has ended, the Brooklyn Bridge is almost complete, and cousins Anna and Sophie are doctors working amidst the poor and vulnerable. The Gilded Hour promises to be another compelling saga rich in detail and fascinating people.

Alternative Lifestyles Print Email
Cover image for Microshelters by Deek Diedricksen
Tiny houses - they are everywhere these days, it seems, as Americans lean toward a more streamlined way of life. If you love the idea of a tiny house, but can't imagine adopting the lifestyle full-time, the new book Microshelters offers some alternatives. Chock-full of small structures that include cabins, studios, treehouses and yes, tiny houses as well, Microshelters provides inspiration and practical details. Author Deek Diedricksen is a pro at tiny house construction and clearly had a lot of fun compiling this latest resource for fellow micro-living enthusiasts. He even emphasizes using salvaged items in the design of your structure, making the price tag for these houses tiny too. Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Check out our curated list of tiny house resources and see if a micro-abode is in your future!
2015 National Book Award - Fiction Longlist Print Email

Cover images for 2015 National Book Award Longlist titles

The 2015 National Book Award longlists were announced last week, and the fiction list is as always an intriguing one. In an era where big names often dominate awards lists, the judges for this year's award have chosen ten titles from lesser-known writers. (There's already been commentary on the omission of literary powerhouse Jonathan Franzen from the list.) While a few of these authors may already be familiar to you - Adam Johnson, known for his 2012 novel The Orphan Master's Son; Lauren Groff, whose new book Fates and Furies is the latest NPR Morning Edition Book Club pick - others are likely to be entirely new. One thing is sure, however: the picks are eclectic and diverse in style and setting, a representation of the range of American fiction being published currently. Take a look at the full list, and place your holds now.
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